Essay – Analysis

An author who writes analysis essays explains a central idea through examples. Good examples are used to clarify points while helping to build a connection with readers. In formulating analysis essays, a writer either focuses on one specific example or uses several examples in explaining the central idea.

Genre/Medium: Analysis/ Typed essay

Purpose: The writer of an analysis essay uses examples to explain a point and/or topic to the reader. For this assignment you will write an analysis essay that follows the five-paragraph essay format on one of the essay topics listed below.

Format: Your five-paragraph essay must contain a concrete closed (parallel, three-point) thesis statement at the end of the first paragraph and follow the MLA guidelines. This means that your essay should make use of topic sentences and connectors for your body paragraphs. Such formatting is the foundation of effective communication in writing in the classroom.

Audience: This essay will target a scholarly audience. Therefore, your language and style should meet the intellectual needs of individuals who read on a collegiate level and pique their interests.

Stance/role: What attitude and information (about yourself as a student) will you convey through the analysis essay? Think about what you want to communicate to the reader (i.e., the professor) and convey your stance throughout your essay. Careful wording and sentences will communicate your stance as a serious student, someone who pays attention to details. Sloppy writing will communicate that you are a sloppy student or person.

Use of evidence and reasoned arguments will also communicate your effort on the assignment similarly. Therefore you need to develop your writing using evidence from the film and lay out your analysis in a reasoned manner.

Instructions: 1. Outline and Draft a five-paragraph essay on one of the prompts below.

2. thesis statement.

3. check the attached file for prompt.


1. Brainstorm and outline: Before choosing your topic you should consider what you want to write about. Once you have chosen your topic, you should decide where you stand on the issue.

2. Writing: Present your argument in a way that convinces the reader that your analysis is a valid one. Remember, this essay should have a specific, detailed, three-point thesis statement. It should use topic sentences to anchor each paragraph and evidenced-based exposition to layout the point.

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