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World War II was a devastating event that impacted many, many people. If we look at the individual level of analysis as it relates to Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, we can see how these two dictators were the cause of World War II. First take Mussolini who had a great desire to restore the Italian power in the world and teamed up with Hitler. He wanted the world to see Italy as one of the great nations again. He had a sense of belonging that could not prevent him from joining forces with one of the most evil men in history. Mussolini’s want for his country to stand out shows us that he would put his country on the line before his fellow citizens to gain the power Italy once had. A very individualism trait when we look at each level of analysis. When we look back at what the individual level of analysis is determined by, you will see that someone’s behaviors and actions are looked at.

We can also apply the individual level of analysis to Hitler as he wanted the Aryan race to rule over all, as well as hating Germany’s neighbors and wanted power over them. Hitler had a great desire to be a supreme dictator and he began his quest by trying to eliminate races he deemed unworthy to live, as harsh at that sounds I think it is true. He ordered certain races to be gathered and exterminated to fulfill his sick destiny. He also wanted the power over his country’s neighbors and began invading them, spreading his dictatorship everywhere. Understanding the way Hitler was thinking and what his desires were falls in line with the individual level of analysis and was the ultimate cause of World War II. I understand that all the levels of analysis can be used to determine what the cause of World War II was but I feel the individual level best describes that cause.

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