Shop657 e-commerce promotion and social media coverage.

Next, you will need to pitch the client to two media outlets: one should be a PRINT publication, and one should be an ONLINE outlet. Create one pitch for each outlet.

Start building the media outreach list for the project: include 5-10 contacts with the members of the press to whom you could potentially pitch your client.

Here are some guidelines to follow while composing your pitch, which is almost always an email (not an attachment, due to fear of viruses).


Dear XXXX,

In PARAGRAPH 1, present your IDEA right away (e.g., red/white/blue jewelry to buy for Fourth of July party-going). Get right to the point.

PARAGRAPH 2 can include more details about the item, the brand, and the designer.

IMAGES (no more than 4) can be embedded in the email.


Use correct English while composing a written pitch. When emailing your pitch, you may add two to three lines geared specifically to individuals you are targeting if you have a good relationship with them.

LENGTH: Your pitch should not be any longer than two paragraphs.

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