Hi Ultimate Writer, Can you help me with my homework. 5 pages, APA, use Rubric 1-6 and Friedman Family Assessment-1-17 short answers, and choose 1 from family structure and  1 from family function. Family theorist is Murary Bowen or one you choose. Thanks. Toni ***Paper length four-five pages (***excluding title and reference pages,  and appendices-as needed). Scholarly Family Assessment Paper Possible Points Your Points Comments 1.Briefly introduce family & basic elements of assessment. Include family form & membership—i.e., who is in the family you are discussing, brief background 3 2.One type of Family Structure discussion 2 3.One type of Family Function discussion 2 4. ONE family theory (Include explanation of theory components and application to this family) List theory used here ___________ 10 5.  Conclusion 2 6.  Diagrams (3):  Genogram, Ecomap, Attachment Diagram—must be labeled with any necessary key 3 Text Mechanics 7.Citations and References 3 8.Mechanics/Format/Level 1 headings/Overall impression 2 9.Grammar/Form/Spelling/Punctuation/Flow/Readability 3 10.Grading Criteria (minus 5 pts if not included) – Total Points for Family Theory Project—Paper Component 30 Friedman Family Assessment—Short form Identifying Data 1. Family name 2. Address and phone 3. Family composition 4. Type of family form 5. Cultural (ethnic) background 6. Religious identification 7. Social class status 8. Family’s recreational or leisure-time activities Developmental Stage and History of Family 9. Family’s present developmental stage 10. Extent of family developmental tasks fulfillment 11. Nuclear family history 12. History of family of origin of both parents Environmental Data 13. Characteristics of home 14. Characteristics of neighborhood and larger community 15. Family’s geographic mobility 16. Family’s associations and transactions with community 17. Family’s social support system or network Family Structure 18. Communication patterns Extent of functional and dysfunctional communication (types of recurring patterns) Extent of emotional (affective) messages and how expressed Characteristics of communication within family subsystems Extent of congruent and incongruent messages Types of dysfunctional communication processes seen in family Areas of open and closed communication Familial and contextual variables affecting communication 19. Power structure Power outcomes Decision-making process Power bases Variables affecting family power Overall family system and subsystem power (Family power continuum placement) 20. Role structure Formal role structure Informal role structure Analysis of role models (optional) Variables affecting role structure 21. Family values Compare the family to American or family’s reference group values and/or identify important family values and their importance (priority) in family. Congruence between the family’s values and the family’s reference group or wider community Congruence between the family’s values and family member’s values Variables influencing family values Values consciously or unconsciously held Presence of value conflicts in family Effect of the above values and value conflicts on health status of family Family Functions 22. Affective function Family’s need–response patterns Mutual nurturance, closeness, and identification Separateness and connectedness 23. Socialization function Family child-rearing practices Adaptability of child-rearing practices for family form and family’s situation Who is (are) socializing agent(s) for child(ren)? Value of children in family Cultural beliefs that influence family’s child-rearing patterns Social class influence on child-rearing patterns Estimation about whether family is at risk for child-rearing problems and if so, indication of high risk factors Adequacy of home environment for children’s need to play 24. Health care function Family’s health beliefs, values, and behavior Family’s definitions of health–illness and their level of knowledge Family’s…

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