Family Assessment: Purpose: Holistically assessing a family and the individual family members in relation to family structure, developmental stages, and family relationships helps the student to understand how each individual affects the family as a whole and how the family affects each individual. The student will also gain an insight into how important a family’s health is to the health of its individual members. Assignment: Contact a family and perform a family assessment. This can be completed in-person, or via virtual or phone interview. Below are areas that must be included. This paper is to be written in APA format with a title page, introductory and conclusion paragraphs, paragraph headings and sub-headings, proper formatting, proper in-text citations and a separate reference page. The Functional Health Patterns sections can be written in paragraph form or bullet points. In the end, your final paper should be at least 30 pages. You need to have at least 4 resources cited in your paper/care plans and referenced in the reference page. 1 can be your text book, 1 can be a care plan book, the other 2 must be Evidence Based Practice articles related to the work you did with the family. ALL sections MUST have subheading and clearly responds to the question! Each section should be at least 2 pages. section 1 FAMILY PROFILE (20) · This needs to include the following: · And introduction / introducing the family and the importance of a nursing family assessment. · A genogram needs to be used to illustrate the following information: age, sex, and current health status of each family member. The genogram should include every member of the household and any living outside the household who is included in the assessment. · Description of family stage (Duvall’s) and individual members’ current developmental stages/tasks (Erickson’s at the least) · Family type? (i.e., nuclear, extended…..) and why you chose this type Section 2 – FAMILY AND NURSING THEORIES (10) This needs to include the following: · Using the nursing theories or family theories described in your book choose one theory that best fits this family. · Describe the theory chosen. Example the family systems theory · Apply this theory to the family you assess and describe how this family fits into the concepts and ideas presented by this theory. Section 3 –Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns As it applies to the family Section 4– HEALTH PERCEPTION–HEALTH MANAGEMENT PATTERN (5) Subjective Data • Describe your family’s general health during the past few years. • Has your family been able to participate in its usual activities (work, school, sports)? • Describe what your family does to try to stay healthy (diet, exercise, etc). • From whom does your family seek health care? When? • Describe how your family members check their health status (ex. eye exams, dental exams, breast exams, testicular exams, medical checkups). • Describe any behaviors in your family that are considered unhealthy. • Who cares for family members who are or who become ill? • How would you know if a family member were ill? · Description of beliefs about health and illness including complementary, alternative, and culturally-based values. · Environmental assessment for safety in the home relevant for the age and characteristics of family members Section 5 NUTRITIONAL–METABOLIC PATTERN (5) Subjective Data • Describe typical breakfast, lunch, supper, and snacks that you eat as a family. • What type of drinks do you usually have during the day and at night? • How would you describe your family’s appetite in general? • How often does your family seek dental care? Are there any dental problems in your family? • Does anyone in your family have skin rashes or problems with sores healing? Explain. • Who usually prepares the family meals? Who shops for groceries? Section 6— ELIMINATION PATTERN (5) Subjective Data • How often do family members have bowel movements? Urinate? • Are laxatives used in you…

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