KING LEAR writing assignment:

For each scene you read (with the exception of the really short ones), you will choose one passage. This passage, or quote, should be significant to the scene as well as the larger play. Write the passage and identify who is speaking and to whom. Explain the significance of the scene and how it impacts the overall story.

– Quote and who’s speaking to whom (5 points)
– Significance to the scene and the rest of the play (5 points)
– There are a total of 16 longer scenes @ 10 points per scene = 160 total points.
– The shorter scenes you are not responsible for are: Act I, sc. iii / Act I, sc. v / Act II, sc. iii / Act III, sc. i / Act III, sc. iii / Act III, sc. v / Act IV, sc. iii / Act IV, sc. iv / Act IV, sc. v / Act V, sc. ii.

Notice, there are five points given for choosing the quote. Your understanding of the scene and the play will be clear based on the passage you choose. Try to choose a passage that is longer than one line but shorter than the whole speech. You will be able to preface your quote with some context in your explanation. Your entries should be emailed to your teacher. They will be assessed based on their completeness, accuracy and understanding of the play.

Here’s an example from Act I, sc. i:

Quote: “Fairest Cordelia, that art most rich, being poor;
Most choice, forsaken; and most loved, despised!”

Speaker: King of France to Cordelia

Explanation: After Lear disowns his youngest daughter, he asks her suitors if they still want her now that she is penniless. The King of France is confused and inquires what great offense has been committed. When he learns it’s only that she displeased the king with her words, he asks her other suitor, the Duke of Burgundy if he wants her. When he doesn’t, the King of France says the above quote. This relationship will be important later when French troops arrive to restore Lear to the throne. It also demonstrates the duality and juxtaposition that will be seen throughout the play.

Follow your teacher’s instructions to submit this assignment, and be sure to document your sources.


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