IMPORTANT: AFTER PURCHASE, OPEN THIS PAGE AGAIN AND SCROLL DOWN BELOW TO DOWNLOAD FILES WITH ANSWERS. 1. In which situation has plagiarism occurred? ! 2. Which of the following are potential disciplinary actions for an act of academic dishonesty? 3. Making up information used in an academic paper is what type of academic dishonesty? 4. Which is not considered an act of plagiarism? 5. According to the Ashford University Catalog, Academic Integrity includes which of the following behaviors? 6. Facts that are common knowledge will generally be known by many people and can easily be found or referenced. Students must give credit to the source for ideas that are common knowledge facts. 7. A student who commits an act of academic dishonesty may face disciplinary action, including: 8. These are all examples of plagiarism, except 9. Acts of academic dishonesty that are prohibited by Student Community Standards include: 10. When paraphrasing or summarizing information, students are required to give credit to the original author. 11. Which scenario describes “improper citation”? 12. What type of plagiarism occurs when a paper is bought and a section or the entire paper is submitted as original work? 13. Kate is writing a paper for her current class and notices that the requirements are similar to a paper she wrote for another class.  She decides to reuse her previous paper without requesting permission from her current instructor.  What type of plagiarism is this? 14. This scenario describes the “find & replace” type of plagiarism. 15. Jason and Adam are cousins and they both attend the same university.  Jason is currently taking a class that Adam took a year ago.  Adam offers to provide his previous assignments to Jason to use, and Jason accepts. What type of plagiarism is this? BUY MORE MATERIALS FOR THIS COURSE: EXP 105 Week 1 Quiz 1 (2019) EXP 105 Week 2 Learning Patterns In Action Quiz (2019) EXP 105 Week 2 Quiz (2019) EXP 105 WEEK 3 Decoding Tasks Assessment Quiz (2019) EXP 105 Week 3 Quiz (2019) EXP 105 Week 4 Quiz (2019) EXP 105 Week 4 Academic Integrity Quiz (2019) EXP 105 Week 5 Quiz (2019) EXP 105 Student Resource Exam 1 (2019)

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