Merge and center the title and then the subtitle across columns A:E and apply the Title and Heading 1 cell styles respectively.

Check spelling in your worksheet, and correct Silde to Slide. Widen column A to 180 pixels and columns B:F to 95 pixels.

In cell E4, construct a formula to calculate the Total Sales of the Balance Pillow by multiplying the Quantity Sold by the Retail Price. Copy the formula down for the remaining products.

Select the range E4:E10, and then use the Quick Analysis tool to sum the

Total Sales for All Products, which will be formatted in bold. To the

total in cell E11, apply the Total cell style. Note, Mac users, instead of the Quick Analysis tool, use the Sum button. Complete the step as specified.

Using absolute cell references as necessary so that you can copy the formula, in cell F4, construct a formula to calculate the Percent of Total Sales for the first product. Copy the formula down for the remaining products.

To the computed percentages, apply Percentage Style with two decimal places, and then center the percentages.

Apply the Comma Style with no decimal places to the Quantity Sold figures. To cells D4, E4, and E11, apply the Accounting Number Format.

To the range D5:E10, apply the Comma Style.

Change the Retail Price of the Slide Board to 75.50 and the Quantity Sold of the Balance Pad to 150.

Delete column B.

Insert a new row 3. In cell A3, type Month Ending March 31 and then merge and center the text across the range A3:E3. Apply the Heading 2 cell style.

To cell A12, apply the 20% – Accent1 cell style.

Select the four column titles. Apply Wrap Text, Middle Align, and Center formatting, and then apply the Heading 3 cell style.

Center the worksheet horizontally on the page, and then insert the file name in the footer in the left section. Return the worksheet to Normal view, if necessary.

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