Open the WearEverShoes-01.xlsx start file. If the workbook opens in Protected View, click the Enable Editing button so you can modify it. The file will be renamed automatically to include your name. Change the project file name if directed to do so by your instructor, and save it. Remove a split and freeze panes. Click the Split button [View tab, Window group]. The split is removed. Click cell A4 to freeze the column titles at this position. Click the Freeze Panes button [View tab, Window group]. Choose Freeze Panes. A solid border appears between rows 3 and 4 to mark the pane. Scroll to row 31 and click cell E31. The column titles are frozen. Type 3 and press Enter (Figure 1-91).There is a thin border below the cells in row 3 Figure 1-91 Panes frozen at cell A4 Press Ctrl+Home. The insertion point returns to cell A4. Change zoom size and unfreeze the pane. Click the 100% button [View tab, Zoom group]. Click the Freeze Panes button [View tab, Window group]. Choose Unfreeze Panes. Click cell A1. Check spelling in the worksheet. Click the Spelling button [Review tab, Proofing group]. The first occurrence of “Hikin” is found as misspelled. Select Hiking in the Suggestions list. Click Change All to correct all occurrences of the misspelled word (Figure 1-92). The correct spelling is H I K I N G in Suggestions list Figure 1-92 Change all occurrences of a misspelled word Click OK. Use the Fill Handle to copy a formula. Click H4. The formula displays in the Formula bar. The formula multiples the quantity by the cost to calculate the value of the current stock (Figure 1-93).The formula is E4 times G4 Figure 1-93 Formula to be copied Point to the Fill Handle for cell H4. Double-click the Fill pointer. The formula is copied down the entire column. Press Ctrl+Home. Click the Themes button [Page Layout tab, Themes group] and choose Ion from the gallery. Merge and center the titles. Select cells A1:J1 and click the Merge & Center button [Home tab, Alignment group]. Merge and center cells A2:J2. Apply cell styles and adjust row height. Select cell A1, click the Cell Styles button or the More button [Home tab, Styles group], and select Title in the Titles and Headings category. Select cell A2 and apply the Heading 4 style. Click the Font Size arrow [Home tab, Font group] and select 14 pt. The font size change overwrites the font size of the cell style. Point to the row 1 heading and drag to select row headings 1:2. Click the Format button [Home tab, Cells group] and choose Row Height. Type 22 as the new row height and press Enter. Select cells A3:J3. From the Cell Styles gallery [Home tab], select Light Yellow, 40% – Accent3. Apply bold to the selected cells. Click the row 3 heading. Point to the bottom border of the row heading to display the resize arrow. Drag the resize arrow to 21.00 (28 pixels) as the new row height and release the pointer (Figure 1-94). The resize pointer is between the row headings for rows 3 and 4 Figure 1-94 Adjust row height from the row heading Click the Zoom Out button in the Status bar if necessary so that you can see all rows (1:39). Change alignment, format values, apply borders, and increase the indent. Select cells D4:F39. Click the Center button [Home tab, Alignment group]. Select cells G4:H39. Click the Accounting Number Format button [Home tab, Number group]. Select cells A3:J39. Click the Borders drop-down arrow [Home tab, Font group] and select All Borders. Click the Font size drop-down arrow [Home tab, Font group] and choose 12 while the cells are selected. Select cells B4:C39 and click the Increase Indent button [Home tab, Alignment group] one time. This moves the label away from the border for easier reading. Click and drag to select columns A:J. Double-click the border between columns J and K to AutoFit the selected columns (Figure 1-95). Columns A:J are selected and shaded gray Figure 1-95 Select column headings to AutoFit Select and center align the labels in row 3. Insert a column an…

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