instructions: Open the EX2019-ChallengeYourself-4-3 start file. The file will be renamed automatically to include your name. Change the project file name if directed to do so by your instructor, and save it. If the workbook opens in Protected View, click the Enable Editing button in the Message Bar at the top of the workbook so you can modify the workbook. Change the name of Sheet1 to: NewHybrid Apply the Retrospect theme. Change the NewHybrid sheet tab color to Orange, Accent 1 (the fifth color from the left in the top row of theme colors). Add header and footer information to the NewHybrid worksheet. Set the center header section to display the sheet name. Add the page number to the left footer section. Set the right footer section to display the current date. Freeze panes so rows 1:8 and columns A:B remain in place when you scroll through the worksheets. Make a copy of the NewHybrid sheet, placing before the Working worksheet . Change the name of the new sheet to: Option2 Change the Option2 sheet tab color to Green, Accent 6 (the first color from the right in the top row of theme colors). Change the values in the Option2 worksheet. Change the amount borrowed (cell B3 ) to: 14,000 Change the APR (cell B5 ) to: 1.9% Delete any extra rows at the bottom of the worksheet where the payment due is 0 (row 41 ). Group the NewHybrid and Option2 worksheets. Make the following changes to both sheets at once. Change the width of the Payment Date column (column C ) to exactly 19 . Delete the extra column (column H ). Unhide column G . Hide the gridlines so they do not appear onscreen. Ungroup the worksheets. Hide the Working worksheet. Delete the Sheet2 worksheet. Change the page orientation for the NewHybrid sheet to Landscape . Modify the NewHybrid sheet so row 8 will repeat at the top of every printed page. Scale the Option2 sheet so all columns will fit on one page and all rows will fit on one page. Print preview the entire workbook. Save and close the workbook. Upload and save your project file. Submit project for grading.

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