Choose any of these topics. Always avoid arguing the obvious or overused and boring topics. This list in my textbook is at the end of Chapter 11. Find that list for more details and ideas or work from your own thoughts on these.

1. Past/present topic:

2. What you thought something would be and what it was really like:

3. A which is better topic:

4. Two contrasting types of people

5. Two contrasting (but sometimes confused) emotions or character traits.

Though comparison and contrast techniques may both be used, your paper should primarily be either comparison (two things that seem to be different but are actually very much alike) or contrast (two things that seem to be similar but are actually very different).

Your paper should have a title, be single spaced with one line between each of its paragraphs (at least five). No huge, weird, fonts. Have a clear thesis in your first paragraph.

Topics to Never Write About

Students: 1) Pregnancy – no papers about having babies or overcoming the difficulty of being a single mom in school, etc

2) Bullying, or any other topic you often hear on the news.

3) Football games or any winning game

4) Cheerleading

5) Drug use or legalization, gun control, abortion, your run-in with law, drunk driving,

6) Never write a rant or anything that is anti-American. I expect my students to be patriotic.

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