Essay #1 Rules and Requirements: CBE Fall 2019

Consider this a checklist. Make sure you have done each item correctly.

  • You should be following your outline, which you have already passed in and I have graded. THE ESSAY IS FIVE PARAGRAPHS LONG, NO MORE, NO LESS. Paragraphs should be in the six to eight sentence range in length. 1300-1400 words
  • Match Point is in italics. For all full-published works, video or text, titles are in italics. Parts of a larger work, a chapter in a book, are in quotes.
  • You should write a draft of this essay first. Proofread it. Grammar counts! Ask the librarians how to use the free database – Grammarly. Lastly, and I highly recommend this, use text to speech on a computer or download an app that does that. LISTEN TO YOUR SENTENCES FOR ANY AWKWARD SOUNDING WORDS OR PHRASES. USE YOUR EARS AS WELL AS YOUR EYES TO PROOFREAD YOUR ESSAY.
  • After proofreading your essay in your rough draft, then put it into APA final copy form. The librarians will help you with this. Plus, there are templates at our library’s website you can use that are very helpful and websites online, too. APA final copy form is part of your grade; it is silly losing points for mistakes in using it. IF YOUR ESSAY IS NOT IN PERFECT APA FINAL COPY FORM, THIS INCLUDES THE REFERENCES PAG, I WILL NOT GRADE IT AND SEND IT BACK TO YOU FOR REVISION!!!!
  • You must incorporate TWO quotes with correct in text citations from the film into your essay, which you should have already. You must have a signal phrase before each quote. You must list one source on a References page. – the film itself. If you go to this site – – and search for the movie, you will see all the important data. If there are multiple names for any of the items in the citation, just use the first one. The file How to Cite a Film in APA shows you how to do this. See the link on citations. IF YOUR ESSAY DOES NOT HAVE TWO QUOTES CORRECTLY DONE, I WILL NOT GRADE IT AND SEND IT BACK TO YOU FOR REVISION!!!!
  • Also, if you are unsure about signal phrases How to Cite a Film in APA shows you how to connect quotes to your text and how to cite them in the text. Make sure this is done correctly; it is part of your grade. See assignment at the Match Point study questions for examples of signal phrases.
  • Use WORD ONLY for this essay, NO PAGES, OR PDF FILES!


  • Place the thesis from your essay last in the introduction. Prior to that try to interest your reader in the topic in any way you wish. The pronouns “I,” “We” and “You” should not appear ANYWHERE in this essay.

Body Paragraphs:

  • Place topic sentences first.
  • Make sure you are supporting your ideas with direct references to the movie itself: what characters do or say. Your two quotes should help with this
  • Paragraphs should be in the six to eight sentence range in length.


  • Begin with a concluding statement, which is your thesis essentially, expressed differently
  • Please do not just summarize, its so boring
  • Try to end in an interesting way.

Use the help of the outline123421final.pdf to help you to do the the essay.

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