Question 1 Epidemiology involves studying infectious communicable disease, not events like injury, obesity, mental health disorders, and seat belt use. [removed]True [removed]False 1.6 points Question 2 The Framingham study was a: [removed] a. Retrospective cohort study. [removed] b. Case-control study. [removed] c. Cross-sectional study. [removed] d. Prospective cohort study. 1.7 points Question 3 Epidemiology includes the study of: [removed] a. Human behavior [removed] b. Accidents [removed] c. Disease [removed] d. All of the above [removed] e. None of the above 1.7 points Question 4 The definition of epidemiology involves all of the following EXCEPT: [removed] a. Identification of determinants [removed] b. Measuring the distribution of disease [removed] c. Individuals [removed] d. Application [removed] e. The definition includes all of the above 1.7 points Question 5 Who evaluated the Bills of Mortality? [removed] a. William Farr [removed] b. John Graunt [removed] c. Hippocrates [removed] d. George Soper 1.7 points Question 6 Who helped to establish the germ theory of disease? [removed] a. James Lind [removed] b. John Snow [removed] c. Louis Pasteur [removed] d. Florence Nightingale 1.7 points Question 7 Who showed that poor diet could result in scurvy? [removed] a. James Lind [removed] b. John Snow [removed] c. Louis Pasteur [removed] d. Florence Nightingale 1.7 points Question 8 The web of causation includes host and environmental determinants. [removed]True [removed]False 1.6 points Question 9 A cause of disease is an event, condition, or characteristic that preceded the disease and without which the disease would either not have occurred or would have occurred later. [removed]True [removed]False 1.6 points Question 10 Which sequence below represents the chronological evolution of disease causation approaches in epidemiology (from oldest to newest)? [removed] a. Web of causation -> Germ theory -> Body humor imbalance-> Ecosocial framework [removed] b. Germ theory -> Body humor imbalance -> Ecosocial framework -> Web of causation [removed] c. Body humor imbalance -> Germ theory -> Web of causation -> Ecosocial framework [removed] d. Body humor imbalance -> Web of causation -> Ecosocial framework -> Germ theory 1.7 points Question 11 Which of the following are essential attributes of causes (choose all that apply)? [removed] a. Time order [removed] b. Environmental factors [removed] c. Association [removed] d. Direction 1.7 points Question 12 How much of the increase in U.S. life expectancy since the 20th century can be attributed to public health improvements? [removed] a. 25% [removed] b. 57% [removed] c. 83% [removed] d. 75% 1.7 points Question 13 The purpose of disease surveillance is to monitor aspects of dsease occurrence that are pertinent to effective control. [removed]True [removed]False 1.6 points Question 14 John Snow used mortality data developed by William Farr to test a hypothesis that cholera was spread by contaminated water. [removed]True [removed]False 1.6 points Question 15 Which of the following innovations did The Streptomycin Tuberulosis Trial employ (choose all that apply)? [removed] a. Consideration of the ethical issues involved [removed] b. Randomization to treatment and control groups [removed] c. Masking the investigators [removed] d. Restrictions on eligibility of patients

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