Choosing six of your Assignment 2 sources ( current event topic in debate in Michigan| 6-8 credible sources) , create an annotated bibliography. The sources used must represent multiple sides of your topic. (Please remember to follow the source criteria on the Assignment 2 sheet.)

2. The sources should be formatted in MLA style and be arranged in alphabetical order. Each source citation should be followed by a 150-200 word summary paragraph. The summary paragraph should be detailed and comprehensive, which means the reader must understand the content of the source. The paragraph should also be written using proper summary language, which credits the author(s) with the information from his or her work. For help with writing a proper summary, please review the PDF on D2L (under “Content”).

3. The citations should be correct, complete, and formatted in MLA. For help with MLA, please refer to the back of your text book, an up-to-date style manual, or visit the Purdue OWL website at: :…

4. All of the summaries are to be written in the third-person, formal voice. The first and second-person voice are not acceptable for this assignment.

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