journal 6 We’re all being observed and at the same time observing others. Try to think like Xiomara. How is she observed ? How does she observe others ? How does she observe herself? How does this back and forth observation effect her connections to others? Relate yourself to these observations. What new or challenging things do you learn about yourself when you do so?

journal 7 Read Ten Things everyone should know about Spoken Word Poetry by ” Guante” and think about X’s life. She has a lot of questions, rules,and difficult relationships with herself, her mother and the men around her. Keeping what Guente writes in mind, how might Acevedo writing ” The Poet X” in poetry that’s meant to be spoken out loud affect a reader? Think about how you felt when you were reading certain sections. Were there any that jumped out to you that connected to your experiences that might help you discuss your feelings in more detail? Why ? Why not ?

The book is The poet x A novel by elizabeth acevedo

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