There are three (2) parts to this forum. Be sure to address all of them in your initial post.

  • Read the entries in the section “Why Write?” which is linked here. The link opens on the first section, called “Self-Expression and Self-Enrichment.” Please be sure to read all five (5) sections. The authors list a number of reasons to write, including self-expression and exploration, creativity, academic and professional performance, and more. Why do you write? What kind of writing do you typically do now? What kind of writing would you like to do? Describe how these kinds of writing might be in synch with the reasons for writing explored in this reading. Are there reasons for the writing you do that are not covered in the reading?
  • Finally, tell us a little about your writing process. What kinds of writing do you typically do each week? What environment works best for you for writing? Quiet? Music? Solitary? Coffee shop? What steps do you take when writing? How do you get started? You’ll find some information about writing process in your first lesson. Think about how you go through the three steps that are commonly identified in the writing process: Pre-Writing, Writing and Re-writing. Below is an image to help visualize the process. Do you use those steps? Or do you have a different process?
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