IMPORTANT: AFTER PURCHASE, LOG IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT AND SCROLL DOWN BELOW THIS PAGE TO DOWNLOAD FILES WITH ANSWERS. 1. In order to be considered Biblical integration, a teacher must use the actual words of the Bible in the lesson. 2. The challenge at the end of the Biblical Integration video was to 3. In the Biblical Integration video, the iceberg analogy describes the difference between the part of the iceberg above the water and the part of the iceberg that is below the water.    What do these two parts represent? 4. Curriculum is usually developed at the 5. The ultimate goal of curriculum is to develop learners willing to ______________________. 6. New studies suggest that the core curriculum 7. Rosemary, an elementary-school teacher, doesn’t like a structured curriculum, although she does believe in well-planned learning experiences. She likes to “go with the flow” of student curiosity and to use learning centers, dramatizations, and projects based on the emerging interests of her students. Which of the following types of student-centered curricula would best meet her needs? 8. _______________ is best known as an early leader in the movement for an activity-centered curriculum. 9. Critics of the student-centered curriculum maintain that 10. A key requirement of differentiated instruction is that the curriculum emphasizes 11. Supporters of the student-centered curriculum maintain that when the needs and interests of learners are incorporated into the curriculum, 12. In ________________, students are introduced to lesson content at home. 13. Captain Underpants and The Bluest Eye are examples of ________. 14. Which of the following statements about the role of textbooks in curriculum is most accurate? 15. A course on environmental protection is most likely to be a component of which curriculum approach? 16. The new core curriculum may create problems for 17. An example of subtle censorship of curriculum includes 18. Partnership for 21 st Century Skills represents the push towards curriculum that better prepares students for 19. High-school study of English, mathematics, the sciences, history, foreign languages, and geography is central to the 20. The back-to-basics curriculum has been criticized because it BUY MORE MATERIALS FOR THIS COURSE: EDUC 305 Quiz 1 EDUC 305 Quiz 2 EDUC 305 Quiz 3 EDUC 305 Quiz 4 EDUC 305 Quiz 5 EDUC 305 Quiz 6 EDUC 305 Quiz 7 EDUC 305 Quiz 8

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