Hello how are you, i have wrote a paper and the paper guidelines were :

Six to Eight pages.

(1) Much of American history has been a struggle between two forms of nationalism – liberal and illiberal. Using the Lapore text describe examples of this struggle.

(2) Prof. Lapore writes that the United States was founded on a revolutionary commitment to human equality and dignity. How does Prof. Lapore suggest we reassert this commitment through a new Americanism?

And it was based on the book:

1. Jill Lepore, This America. Liveright Publishing (W. W. Norton), 2019. ISBN 9781631496417 ) which I don’t have a copy for.

What i need you to do is that if you can please make some adjustments on my writing as i in some areas 1- I didn’t cite the page number on the information that I referenced 2- i have a problem with repetition so if you can help me eliminate that and edit it.

So basically two things:

1- cite page numbers on infos referenced.

2- eliminate the repetition

The file is uploaded below please please please do not answer unless you are 100% you can deliver as you will only have 12 hours to do this.

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