This is the text info pg 239 and 240 that the attached instructions talking about. Chin, J. L. & Trimble, J. E. (2015). Diversity and leadership. Los Angeles, CA: Sage. The Three Cs of Managing Diversity: Composition-Core-Climate Managing organizational diversity starts with developing an organization’s strategic planning to be inclusive of diversity and directed toward organizational and systemic change. It presumes a commitment to goals of diversity leadership. It makes the business case for training to move leaders and members toward a goal where diversity means good business; it brings in customers, expands the customer base, promotes a climate where all voices are included, and strives toward a workforce composition that is diverse and delivers its products or services in a culturally competent manner. The senior author has defined this to mean addressing the Three Cs of Diversity: recruiting and retaining a diverse Composition of the workforce and clientele, developing the Core of business products and services to be delivered in a culturally competent manner, and promoting a welcoming and inclusive workplace Climate within the organization. Moodian (2009) views contemporary leadership and leadership success as attainable through intercultural competence and stresses the importance of moving away from ethnocentric leadership philosophies given the growing dominance of diverse workforces and greater racial/ethnic heterogeneity of populations in countries throughout the world today. He suggests a strategic planning process or business plan that is inclusive of diversity and offers seven steps toward managing diversity for organizational change. “The business case is about capturing talent, understanding markets, utilizing diverse perspectives for innovation, knowing how and how not to pitch products, and ultimately, how to generate employee commitment” (Moodian, 2009, p. 39). The seven steps include the following: Generating Executive Commitment—Nothing happens in an organization without buy-in from the top. Diversity needs to be a goal embraced by leaders within an organization and starts with a visioning process. Assessment—This process helps the organization understand its current state regarding diversity. This essentially means doing a SWOT analysis of the Three Cs; this might include assessing composition of the workforce and its clientele, assessing policies and procedures that might pose internal barriers for hiring and promotion, assessing climate of the organization for inclusion and respect for all dimensions of diversity, and marketing strategies and business goals that are inclusive of diversity. This helps identify needs, set priorities, and to define goals and objectives for a strategic plan that is inclusive of diversity and provides data to serve as benchmarks. Diversity Council—The establishment of such councils provides a formal mechanism within the organization that serves the purpose of getting feedback to and from employees and explaining diversity and any initiatives that are created to employees. Systems Change—The executive leadership needs to align organizational systems and operational practices with diversity goals. These include pay equity reviews, revamping promotional processes to ensure fairness and equal access, setting performance objectives for hiring, establishing affinity groups or mentoring for employees, or establishing performance objectives for managers and employees in their performance reviews. Training—This should NOT be designed to change an organization. Training is effectively and appropriately used to create awareness and help people develop knowledge and skills, which could result in behavior change. Training is too often used as an isolated tool to promote organizational change with limited or even negative results. At best, using training in this way is like using a screwdriver to drive a nail. Measurement and Evaluation—“What gets measured gets done” is a com…

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