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Employee Recruitment – Main Discussion Post


Employee Recruitment

Employee recruitment is a necessary skill for all human resource managers (HRMs) to assist with determining how many people are needed to fill job openings, and which individuals should be hired that best match the position they are seeking for employment. Considering that organizations tend to spend the most money on their labor force, HRMs must employ effective recruiting strategies that find the right job candidates to help maximize a company’s productivity (Lussier & Hendon, 2018). This discussion will summarize the Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare’s (GCSH) employee recruitment process and identify the role HRMs and managers play. An explanation of how positions are advertised and the success of GCSH’s recruiting process will also be provided.

GCSH’s Recruitment Process

The registered nurse (RN) profession has been estimated to grow by 16% by 2024 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017), however, Auerbach, Buerhaus, and Staiger (2017) found that the shortage of RNs will continue to grow making recruiting qualified RNs even more difficult than before. Gillette Children’s employs several different methods when recruiting new employees and requires the efforts of both HR and department management to recruit the right person for the job.

The HR department at GCSH utilizes quantitative and qualitative forecasting prior to recruiting new employees to help determine how many and what positions need to be posted. Computer programs, utilized by floor RNs, provide quantitative data for HR to analyze to assist in forecasting historical trends to determine how many employees are needed to staff a specific unit. Unit management provides qualitative forecasting by making recommendations to HR if they feel a unit is over or understaffed, at which time HR will work with patient care managers who will approve or deny the nurse managers request based on the organization’s budget. Human resources at GCSH is responsible for creating the job analysis that outlines the job description and qualifications required of new employee candidates. Unit managers assist HR by providing frequent job requirement and description updates in order to make sure HR’s job analysis fits the position needing to be filled. Providing an inaccurate representation of a job description and duties when hiring a new employee could lead to lost money and employee turnover (Lussier & Hendon, 2018).

Recruitment advertising strategies at GCSH include the use of the organization’s website, Internet postings on professional organization sites (i.e. Minnesota Organization of Leaders in Nursing [MOLN]), word of mouth from past and present employees, and through schools of nursing (interns). Employees who recommend an external candidate who is hired receives a $500 referral bonus after the employee has been employed for six months, and so does the new employee. Internal hiring strategies are used for open positions, but when a position is left vacant, HR recruits external candidates. Management works with HR during the recruitment process to determine which candidates to select, from the pool of applicants, that should be interviewed. Weeding out unqualified candidates saves an organization time and money (Lussier & Hendon, 2018).

In summary, the recruitment process at GCSH begins with the nurse manager identifying a need for staff. The HR recruiter will post the position on the internal and external website, which gives staff the opportunity to apply for the position or recommend potential candidates. Candidates are thinned by HR based on their qualifications and experience, at which time nurse management also provides feedback on the type of person required to be successful in the position. Only well-qualified individuals are selected for the interview process, and HR conducts the initial interview prior to nurse management. Common challenges faced during GCSH’s recruitment process are receiving resumes from unqualified individuals, not enough baccalaureate-prepared RNs, and individuals whose values do not align with the hospital’s values.


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