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In our increasingly digital age, one way that we can adapt our classrooms and learning strategies to help our students thrive is to simply use it in the classroom. Assessing our students by inventories to know and understand how they communicate can allow a teacher to utilize the idea and incorporate it into his or her lessons. For example, “By finding out what students like to do in their spare time, teachers can ensure a more positive atmosphere in the classroom while keeping in mind the goals and perceived needs of the lesson” (Richardson, Morgan, & Fleener, 2015, p.31).

If we are not aware of the advances and increase in changing technology, we seem too old or out of touch with students. We can get behind on communication avenues that could have a positive influence on students and teachers in the classroom. Since students are already using a various array of apps and games on their phones, we as educators need to help students learn how to apply the advancement in technology to their education and learning. A goal for a classroom could to be able to create a YouTube account and post videos on what the students have learned and posts results of experiments for science class. Allowing students to create meaningful and educational purpose filled videos as well as allow the students to build friendships and build rapport.

The potential benefits of using more technology and social types of communication in the classroom is preparing students for the changes in technology so they can be exposed for the workforce. If we allowed students to create blogs and comment on each of their peer’s work just like we are doing with our discussion board posts. Experiencing a blackboard post would be helping prepare students for college. Educators can utilize technology in the classroom so that it is being monitored in a controlled environment. I do not believe we could ever stop entirely the negative and sinfulness of humans and the way we negatively impact each other. “I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world” (John 16:33, English Standard Version Bible).

A negative impact that I could foresee in using more technology in the classroom is that students are neglecting paper and pencil. As an educator I always want my students to learn cursive writing. Time restrictions pushed that back for extra work or optional as homework. Our founding Fathers wrote many documents such as the Declaration of Independence in cursive. Our computers haven’t started typing in cursive just yet. Losing the form of communication that was created and established this country’s founding documents would be a loss of a great impact from our history.


Richardson J., Morgan J., & Fleener, C., Reading to learn in the content areas, (8th ed.).

Belmont, CA: Wadsworth.

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