Introduction less than 50 words and analysis 300 words Attached the requirement file along with PDF book. Chapter 3 and section 4.3 (98-102) page look Risks and Challenges. Whole discussion should co related to this section. ===================================================== We are going to explore the Web regarding cloud service level agreements (SLA). Topic- cloud services and the SLA A. Find an article on the Web that is no more than 4 years old that describes a poor experience with cloud services and SLAs. B. Remember the article must contain two (2) elements to be considered in this assignment, e.g. cloud services and the SLA.  You must use your own words. Do not copy and paste any part of the article into the discussion. C. Once you have found an appropriate article, tell the story IN YOUR OWN WORDS and correlate the pertinent elements to Erl, 2013, Chapter 3, Section 3.4.  Be selective in the article you choose to explain to the class. D. Finally, summarize and provide your own recommendation on how to mitigate the problem(s) you described. Here are the topics in Erl, 2013 that you must correlate your article towards. · Reduced Operational Governance Control · Limited Portability Between Cloud Providers · Multi-Regional Compliance and Legal Issues *Be sure to read Erl, 2013, Chapter 3, Section 3.4 before your Web search to avoid making a critical mistake in your discussion. Keep your story as short as possible. Do not exceed 450 words . Provide a valid link (URL) to your article so that we may find and read it. Chapter 3 Section 3.4 (Page no 98- 102) 3.4. Risks and Challenges Several of the most critical cloud computing challenges pertaining mostly to cloud consumers that use IT resources located in public clouds are presented and examined. Increased Security Vulnerabilities The moving of business data to the cloud means that the responsibility over data security becomes shared with the cloud provider. The remote usage of IT resources requires an expansion of trust boundaries by the cloud consumer to include the external cloud. It can be difficult to establish a security architecture that spans such a trust boundary without introducing vulnerabilities, unless cloud consumers and cloud providers happen to support the same or compatible security frameworks—which is unlikely with public clouds. Another consequence of overlapping trust boundaries relates to the cloud provider’s privileged access to cloud consumer data. The extent to which the data is secure is now limited to the security controls and policies applied by both the cloud consumer and cloud provider. Furthermore, there can be overlapping trust boundaries from different cloud consumers due to the fact that cloud-based IT resources are commonly shared. The overlapping of trust boundaries and the increased exposure of data can provide malicious cloud consumers (human and automated) with greater opportunities to attack IT resources and steal or damage business data. Figure 3.9 illustrates a scenario whereby two organizations accessing the same cloud service are required to extend their respective trust boundaries to the cloud, resulting in overlapping trust boundaries. It can be challenging for the cloud provider to offer security mechanisms that accommodate the security requirements of both cloud service consumers. Figure 3.9. The shaded area with diagonal lines indicates the overlap of two organizations’ trust boundaries. Overlapping trust boundaries is a security threat that is discussed in more detail in Chapter 6. Reduced Operational Governance Control Cloud consumers are usually allotted a level of governance control that is lower than that over on-premise IT resources. This can introduce risks associated with how the cloud provider operates its cloud, as well as the external connections that are required for communication between the cloud and the cloud consumer. Consider the following examples: • An unreliable cloud provider may not maintain…

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