Discussion: Mealtime Interactions

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In order for children to learn positive mealtime and nutrition habits, they need to participate in positive experiences. For this week’s discussion you will apply a bit of creative thinking to this analogy:

What are the elements of a good dinner date? (and we are, of course, not talking about the romantic/sexy part.. just the other elements that make you look forward to the next one). Why would the element you named also contribute to a positive experience during a child’s mealtime?

Here are some examples:

  • On a good date, there is typically no sad or frustrated crying.
  • On a good date, you end up feeling good about yourself because of the positive attention your date has paid to you.
  • On a good date, it is unlikely that your date compared you to the girl at the next table and asked why you couldn’t be more like her.
  • On a good date, you might learn about a new food because your date is excited to share something with you.
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