The U.S. Presidential Administration of Barack Obama passed the controversial Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is one of the many influences that impact the financial structure of healthcare today. It addresses three balancing goals within the United States’ health care system: 1.) access, 2.) costs, and 3.) quality. Based on your perception of the Act’s purpose, do you think all three goals can be effectively reached? For example, can you increase access and reduce costs while increasing quality? What are other financial influences that relate to ACA or controversial health care issues? Explain your point-of-view and compare your findings to at least one other classmate’s.

peer 1

Once the ACA came into affect in the United States healthcare reform, it seems that so much of the unknown exists when it comes to choosing a heathcare plan for you and your family. Co-payments are high, monthly premiums are high and the care at each visit is extremely annoying. I thought at first , oh great healthcare for everyone that is great. But then working people seem to be footing the bill to make that a reality. There has to be some other way to insure people in the U.S.A. that does not make the average working family pay the price. People are paying out of pocket, myself included, because it is cheaper and less aggravating to have to deal with what is covered and what is not. So my thoughts are No, you can not get low cost and better quality. No, the access to a better delivery system has yet to arrive.

Barbara Swanson

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