You have probably seen one or more of the many inspirational posters about decisions. A visual such as a forked road or a street sign is typically pictured, along with a quote designed to inspire. Decisions are often not so easily inspired. Perhaps you discovered this when choosing a specialty within the MSN program. This decision is a critical part of your plan for success, and you no doubt want to get it right. This is yet another area where your network can help, as well as other sources of information that can help you make an informed choice. To Prepare: Reflect on your decision to pursue a specialty within the MSN program, including your professional and academic goals as they relate to your program/specialization. By Day 3 of Week 10 Post an explanation of your choice of a nursing specialty within the program. Describe any difficulties you had (or are having) in making your choice, and the factors that drove/are driving your decision. Identify at least one professional organization affiliated with your chosen specialty and provide details on becoming a member. ( Make sure to include at least 4 paragraphs and 3 references) APA 7 format. By Day 6 of Week 10 Respond to at least two of your colleagues’ posts by sharing your thoughts on their specialty, supporting their choice or offering suggestions if they have yet to choose. The two discussions below require at least 3 paragraphs and 2 references.APA 7 format. Discussion one for ELIZABETH I had never planned on advancing my education.  I love being a nurse and love the job I am in.  I have been afforded many opportunities as a nurse, and hadn’t considered the full value of continuing my education until recently.  I have seen a tremendous shift in the way care is delivered, from reactionary to preventative, leaving a void in areas of chronic disease management.  I realize that to achieve my full potential, and to best serve the needs of my patients, it is imperative that I pursue my advanced degree with a concentration in family medicine. I have always worked in a hospital, but more recently I have spent more time in our outpatient clinic.  I have always enjoyed the fast-paced nature of an intensive care unit, but really love more to manage patients less critically ill.  My patient population ranges in age from 18 to 78, so there are really a multitude of differing needs that arise.  Also, because of the complexity of their disease process, many defer to our clinic for primary treatment of all chronic conditions.  Because of this, I determined it would best serve these needs to receive training in all areas across the lifespan to best treat my patients.  There is also a great need for primary care providers in family medicine as there is more emphasis placed on preventative care (Nursejournal, 2020).  In order to keep myself relevant and marketable, should I choose to change jobs, having family medicine training will certainly be helpful. There isn’t a specific professional organization for family nurse practitioners, however, American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) is a very comprehensive organization that covers all specialties.  There are sub-groups within the larger organization that allow the opportunity to network in a specific area.  There are different membership levels based on what point you are in your training (AANP, n.d.).  For instance, if I wanted to apply now, I would be eligible to join as a student member, but if I wait until I finish my degree I would be able to join as an NP. In order to assure that I am providing excellent clinical care to my patients based on evidence based practice, I have joined as a member of a disease specific nursing organization, American Association of Heart Failure Nurses.  Although there isn’t a specific requirement for nurse practitioners, this organization will help tremendously to allow for brainstorming and networking within my field of practice.  There is also opportunity for mentorship within thi…

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