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Psychologists interested in the dynamics of social media have become interested in the meaning and reasoning behind the phenomenon of selfies, or self-portrait photographs. Read the following article that discusses the findings from several studies on the link between narcissism and selfies. In your opinion, is taking multiple or daily selfies, and posting them on social media a reflection of a narcissistic personality or some other psychological issue? Why or why not? Support your reasoning with information from the text and other course materials.

What is the Real Link between Selfies and Narcissism?

2. comment to peer

The small study conducted aimed to correlate the relativity between the amount of selfies, or self photographs, men and women take to the level of their narcissism, which was inconclusive. Social medial platforms were designed for social interaction whether it be by posting one’s thoughts, pictures of choice, music, memes, etc. When people post selfies online, it could be for various reasons, which I believe does not directly correlate between the level of narcissism they posses. The study conducted concluded that there was a very small correlation, if any, between the level of narcissism between the test subjects and the amount of selfies posted on their social media platforms (G. Seidman, 2015). To me, this statement indicates that more research, analysis and experimentations need to be conducted to obtain a more accurate and bigger correlation between the two objectives being observed. Personally, I would describe myself as a narcissist to some extend, however, all my social media platforms are deactivated at the moment and I mostly choose to post pictures of items and object that I admire and like — which are not self photographs. If I were one of the test subjects in this experiment, I would not have made an impact in the end results because there is no correlation in my personal life between the two, which I am also sure there are an abundance of people of the like. To conclude, I believe there is no link between narcissism and the amount of selfies one takes.


What is the Real Link between Selfies and Narcissism? (n.d.). Retrieved October 2, 2019, from https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/close-enco…

3. comment to peer

Our personality leads us to act consistently in different situations, overextend a period of time and make us unique from others (Feldman p. 419). In my opinion, I believe taking multiple selfies a day is a form of a narcissistic personality. Our behavior is motivated by the unconscious part of our brain. People with high self-esteem tend to think highly of themselves which leads them to take a lot of pictures and being self-infatuated, this is also known as narcissism (p.435). I have days where my self-esteem is higher than others and I’ve noticed that on my low self-esteem days I tend to not take any pictures where in my high self-esteem days I take a lot of pictures throughout the day.

4. answer to this question (250 word)

Psychologists often debate over adaptive and maladaptive behaviors for coping with stress. Some argue that certain defense mechanisms such as denial or avoidant coping (wishful thinking) are effective in eliminating the effects of stress on mental and physical health while others disagree. In your opinion, is the use of defense mechanisms, or avoidant coping, an adaptive or maladaptive way to cope with stress? Why or why not? Support your reasoning with information from the text and other course materials.

Anyone a perfectionist? What about a maladaptive perfectionist? This week, as we discover more information about adaptive and maladaptive behaviors and how they help cope with stress, I’d also like you to think about the impact these may have on perfectionism.

Here is a great video to trigger your thinking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTj25XawoDk

Tell me, how has this video or the idea of maladaptive perfectionism shed light on your own behavior? How does this relate to maladaptive stress and anxiety?

5. 1 comment to peer

In my opinion avoidant coping is an maladaptive way to cope with stress. This is because if you are changing your conduct to attempt to abstain from speculation or feeling things that are awkward. It might appear that maintaining a strategic distance from pressure is an incredible method to feel less pushed, yet this isn’t really the situation. We have to manage things so we either experience less pressure or feel less worried by what we experience without keeping away from the issue totally. But still there are some people who wants to avoid stress those are the people with anxiety.


6. 1 comment to peer

Avoidance coping is a way of changing our behavior to try to avoid feeling or thinking that are uncomfortable. According to Feud, defense mechanism is unconscious strategies that people use to reduce anxiety from themselves by distorting reality and concealing the source of the anxiety from themselves. (Feldman, pg.422). In my opinion, avoidance coping is a maladaptive way of coping with stress because it makes the stressful situation worst and does not help in dealing with the stress. An example of avoidance coping is procrastination. We tend to procrastinate because a task looks stressful and we do not want to think about it which is the reasons most people are not doing good academics. Avoidance coping increase anxiety and may cause a problem to grow. For example, if a person avoids a conversation that needs to be resolved, the matter may later become something that will break a relationship. To help avoid this behavior, it is important that a person recognizes the behavior when it’s been done and understand that shying away from a responsivity does not in anyway provide a solution, but all it does is to elevate the problem in the future.


Feldman, R. S. (2019). Understanding psychology (13th ed.). Dubuque: McGraw-Hill Education.


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