Hi! So these 2 discussion posts have to be 2 paragraphs each, citing sources with the authors last name/page #. So this is basically 2 assignments for one post (one post will feature chapter 2, answering the first question, the other post will be chapter 4, answering the second question). Thank you, please let me know if I can clear anything up in anyway! The two questions that will be answered for document are:

1.What does Allan G. Johnson mean when he refers to the “paradox of privilege? How does this paradox help explain why it is possible to be privileged without feeling privileged?

2. Why does Robert Jenson suggest white privilege, like any social phenomenon is complex? For Discussion Board #1 you looked at how gender and sexuality are socially constructed. The readings look at how race, class and disability are also social constructs. In these readings the authors define these power matrixes and explain how people are marked according to these categories. The readings in this section also look at the complexity of white privilege.

I have a link to Chapter 2 here: https://wgs201.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/seng-bac35015012615550.pdf

and a document of Chapter 4 here: http://www.thenewcom.com/pdf/White_Privilege.pdf

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