-Making Connections: Understanding the Convergence of Phones, TV, Cable, and Computers

Watch the slightly dated video (Links to an external site.) using your Marymount Library Services Logon. Discuss the following amongst your peers:

  1. AT&T role in the history of Phones
  2. Do you think it has been hard for AT&T to maintain its place in the Telecom industry after the break up of the Mob Bell monopoly?
  3. Do you think there will ever be a 21st century telecom monopoly here in the U.S again?
  4. Find a country that sill has a telecom monopoly in place. Do you think this is ethical? Do you think this model works?

Initial responses are due by . Respond to two of your peers posts no later than

Initial responses . and Respond to two of your peers posts

Be sure to cite all outside knowledge using proper APA formatting.

Discussion Posts : Initial discussion posts must be answered by

. Respond to two of your classmates posts by /… in order to achieve full credit. Be sure that both initial posts and responses follow APA citation formatting. This is a graduate level course therefore one

-word discussion posts and responses will NOT be accepted. This can be avoided by diving deeper into a point someone

raised, sharing your opinion, or lessons learned from experience.

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