Pick 1 visual art primary source from this list of 6 items:

1. Fourth of July Picnic, text p. 218
2. Early Mill in New England text p. 220
3. Deck Life on the Paragon , 1811-1812 text p. 222
4. The Rendezvous, text p. 225
5. Seminole Dance text p. 227
6. Platte River Crossing text p. 226


Pick one image. Do not research the painting, image or the artist. Do not write about the painter or artist.

Tip: Before you begin writing read about the topic in the textbook, my content comments, and the description of the image found under the image in the textbook.

1) Name the primary source you picked and describe in detail explaining what you see
After describing the source you picked answer these questions about the image:
2) What culture, time period and place does it depict? What is the historic setting? What does this source tell us about the time and place in which it was produced?
3) What perspective does the artist portray about the topic?
4) What “story” or “narrative” does the image display about the period after 1815 or the people in it? What was left out? What else would you like to have seen drawn, portrayed or painted?
5) What can we learn about the American experience from the image?

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