Part 1

1. What is the point of separating cultural competence training of managers and clinicians? On what kinds of cultural competence topics would it be good to engage them together?

2. Imagine that you are setting up a cultural competence training for doctors and nurses that would include knowledge and skill training, developmental training, integrated training, community-based training, and didactic training. How would you plan the overall training agenda? What sort of elements would you include? What would you leave out?

3. What might be some of the obstacles encountered in cultural competence training for health care administrators? How could they be overcome?

Part 2

A) Please reflect on the assigned readings for the modules. Choose one topic from the assigned readings, and provide a brief reflection (1paragraph) stating how this will be applicable to you as a healthcare administrator or working as a healthcare professional.

B) Please answer all questions below.

1.Given the time value of money and the multiple competing projects within an organization, how do you decide what projects are valuable to an organization and which to say no to?

2. Can you give an example of an asset? Can you give an example of a liability?

3. Can you think of good outside sources that could be used to obtain ratios for comparative purposes

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