Discussion 2: NYS Next Generation Learning Standards and ELLs – Part 1 3-4 paragraphs APA format. Staring in the fall of 2017 and progressing to their full implementation in the fall of 2020, New York State is replacing aspects of the Common Core learning standards with the NYS Next Generation learning standards. As part of the roll out in 2017 Dr. Noni Lesaux and Dr. Emily Phillips Galloway produced the following brief, “What Goes Into Effective Reading Comprehension?” After reading this 8 page text, please reflect on the diagram found on page 3. Meaning- based skills are never mastered and “require instruction from early childhood through adolescence at all grade levels- and across all content areas” (Lesaux & Galloway, 2017, p. 3). Native listeners/speakers/readers/ writers typically master code-based skills by 3rd grade. ELLs, regardless of their grade level, or proficiency in their native/first language need to work on both code-based and meaning-based skills while at the same time learning your content. How do/can you address adolescents who have yet to master code-based skills in your content area classroom/lessons? How do you incorporate the home language knowledge with new content area content? How can you “make students experts by having them share the connections they are making across languages?” Lesaux, N.K & Galloway, E.P., (2017). What goes into effective reading comprehension? NY: New York State Education Department. https://moodle. esc.edu/course/modedit.php? update=1944866&return=0&sr=6 Part 2 Please post your initial response by Tuesday November 6th and reply to the main response of at least four (4) other students by Thursday November 8th and Saturday November 10th. ***I will attach the student replies later today*** You may need to be logged into my course to view the link, I will send you the log in info via secure message.

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