You have been invited to speak at a prestigious conference on how current trends and “hot topics” are affecting health care and human services for patients. In order to get the conference information ready for booklet printing the sponsors have asked for a brief biography.

Your bio should contain your current role in health care or human services (or other career field currently employed in) as well as any another career information the audience might need to have during your presentation. It has also been suggested that since you are close to concluding your studies for your Bachelors degree that you include the top 3 things you have learned throughout the HSA program. Furthermore, the sponsors have asked you to justify how you have already implemented these top 3 ideas/practices into your current working environment and why others should as well. Additionally the sponsors have asked that you include a professional headshot that will go next to your biography in the program booklet.

For this discussion please create a brief biography of yourself that would be included in the Conference Program. Your biography needs to be at least 150-175 words in length. A professional headshot usually accompanies the biography of the speaker. Please use a professional looking photo when posting your discussion biography.

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