Use the following questions to help you formulate your response to “The Science of Sarcasm” by Richard Chin.  You do not need to answer each question individually; they are here to help guide you.  Remember, all discussion boards require one initial post of at least 300 words, 1. What are the differences between sarcasm, irony and satire? 2. Sarcasm involves saying one thing and meaning the opposite. How do people detect sarcasm? 3. Why are we more likely to use sarcasm with our friends than our enemies? 4. Do you find sarcasm funny or just rude? The Science of Sarcasm Sometime, when getting our point across,  we say the opposite of what we mean.  This paradox is encompassed in sarcasm and satire.  Read the following essay by Richard Chin and then go to the discussion board to discuss with your classmates. Click here to read Richard Chin’s essay on Sarcasm

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