Hi, i am required to write a 2500 word report based on diagnosing the causes of the organisational challenges on red cross.Working on the feedback provided by the lecturer at the end of this page with regards to assignment 1 which was already marked. This assignment is designed to get you to think more deeply about how you might solve the management challenge and why your chosen approach is/is not the “best way.” The main focus is on you discovering the latest management thinking to help you determine cutting edge solutions. it would be best if you could formulate an open ended question which could answer to how and why? E.G ( Why are the blood supply in the Australian red cross decreasing?)and avoid closed ended questions. Utilising the VUCA model, using any 3 of the 7S Model such as 1) Strategy, 2)skills, 3)Style, 4)staff, 5) Systems,6) Shared values, 7) structure and the risk management/probability impact matrix would be most appropriate.

Requirements of the assignment:

  • Re-state the problem in the context of your chosen management perspective as a research question.
    • You may have to do some research on ‘how best to formulate a research question.’
  • Undertake a literature review of contemporary management literature that will help you to better understand the nature of the management challenge, how theory can inform a solution and what (if anything) has been tried before to solve this kind of problem (e.g. Has this challenge occurred before? Maybe in another industry? Has it been solved?)
  • Continue to conduct industry and company research involving critically analysing and synthesising business information. (CLO3)
    • Your information should be both broad and deep. Once you have collected the information, you have to critically analyse it.
  • Identify and select appropriate tools, models and theories that will help you to understand the problem through the lens you have chosen.
    • These should be from scholarly sources.
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the tools, models and theories you’ve selected. Suggest alternative methods to eliminate weaknesses.
    • Again, rely on scholarly sources.(Minimum 6)
  • Write a report justifying why your research approach to solving the management challenge should be adopted.
    • Use a report format.

Appendix: Write a 500 word response to the feedback you received in your first assignment and what you did in reaction to that feedback to develop your approach to achieving success in this assignment (this does not count towards your total word count).

The total word count for this assignment is 3,000 words including reflection on the first assignment that is attached below.

Feedback from the lecturer are as follows: Overall, you demonstrated a good understanding of management theories and frameworks and justification behind the arguments of critical issues was good, although not elaborated and supported with evidence. However, the report lacks a comprehensive synthesis of various sources of information and demonstrated a weak analysis of hinted management frameworks. The arguments you used did not link the frameworks with the challenges of the organisation. You could have applied and discussed various management theories and frameworks to demonstrate your critical thinking and judgment in identifying and elaborating the important issues in linking the internal and external environment of the industry. Moreover, the writing is littered with assertions without adequate supporting evidence. You have to improve in synthesising and organising important conceptual and theoretical information to demonstrate insightful patterns.

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