The information presented in this module suggests there is a link between developing operational standards and the efficiency at which management accomplishes the goals for the restaurant. Read the following case study and respond to the two questions.

“I guess it’s just common sense that we need more employees when we’re going to be busy and fewer employees when business will be slow. The trick is to figure out what business will be like,” said Casey, co-owner of Blue Star Vegetarian Delite Restaurant.

“Yes, that is the challenge,” replied Destiny, the other co-owner.

“We started our business as a good fit with the many people in our community who like vegetarian meals,” Destiny continued, “and it seems to be working out. We have lots of customers sometimes, and now we have a few months of operating information to help us determine when we need more employees. We also know when we should schedule fewer employees so we don’t lose money on labor costs.”

Fully detail and explain in depth:

How do customer estimates help managers plan labor schedules?

How might these co-owners evaluate the effectiveness of their scheduling plans?

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