When you walk into a restaurant or a store, you often get a “feel” for the environment. It may feel warm, comfortable, and inviting or it may seem too loud, too bright, and overwhelming. The same is true of the learning environments we create for children. In Chapter 6, Bullard discusses such important design considerations as color, lighting, walls, and floors. For this discussion, watch the video Inspiring Spaces for Young Children. (Links to an external site.)

  1. Color: Describe what colors you want to see in your environment. How will these colors inspire your students? Do you believe that these colors will affect the children’s learning experiences in your classroom?
  2. Furnishings Define Space: How do you picture your environment in relation to furnishings? Why do you think that furnishings are an important part of an early childhood environment? Name 3 furnishings you want in your environment and why. Will these furnishings affect a child’s learning experience?
  3. Choose a design consideration from Chapter 6: Compare the design consideration in the book to how you will set up your environment. What will you do the same as the author? What will you do differently in your environment and why?
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