Delegation: Am I a Delegator?

To complete the Professional Reflection Assignment, compose a cohesive document that addresses the following:

  • Summarize the three most important items that you learned from your Discussions and the resources this week. Explain why they stood out to you and how you will apply what you have learned into your work as a manager. Be specific and provide examples.
  • Describe a time when you either had to delegate a task—or had a task de legated to you.
    • What did you learn from the experience?
    • What would you have done differently, or had your manager do differently?
  • Assess your own preferences for delegating or “just doing it yourself” including:
    • Explain what you think the pros and cons of delegation are.
    • Offer an assessment of your own delegating skills.
  • Thinking about your role as a manager, evaluate why delegation is an important skill for you to develop, including:
    • What you think makes delegation challenging for managers and why.
    • The importance of delegation to the success of individuals/teams reporting to a manager.
  • Develop a specific plan that you can use the next time you delegate a task, including:
    • Specific steps that you will take to prepare to delegate, what important considerations you will need to make, and how you will stay informed and follow up and ensure that what you have delegated progresses well.
    • Your ideas for how you will avoid micromanaging, once you have delegated.
    • How you will apply your strengths to overcome challenges and ensure that you appropriately use delegation to accomplish goals and develop your people.
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