ABC MANUFACTURING CUSTOMER ORDER AND PRODUCT APPLICATION The ABC Manufacturing company has a completely automated application system. The system, however, resides on index files and does not allow for decision support. In order to move to ad-hoc queries, and “what if” queries, the company has decided to convert the existing system to a database. Initially, the only criterion for the application is to replace the existing system with a database system. No ad-hoc screen or reports have been anticipated. Samples of the existing reports and screens are shown below. The pictures below are: 1. Order screen 2. Product-Inventory screen 3. Product Bill-Of-Materials Report Customer Order and Product Application Considerations: 1.       Each customer must be on file before an order can be placed. The name, address(s), phone number(s), and credit limit must be recorded. All other data items are optional. If there is no shipping address, then the mailing address is used instead. Since customers can have identical names, a customer id has been assigned to each customer. 2.       Each order will have a computer generated id number. The order can have up to 10 line items. Discounts can be given to preferred customers and this discount amount will be recorded on the customer’s record. Customers without a discount amount will not be given a discount. 3.       Each product listed on the order will show the standard price for that product. Discounts will be shown at the bottom of the order form. 4.       Orders that can be filled or partially filled are shipped immediately, and the product data is updated accordingly. Order or partial orders that cannot be filled will be backordered. 5.       As products are manufactured the product data is updated accordingly along with the part inventory data. 6.       A customer can place numerous orders. Products can be ordered by many different customers. The same part can be used in numerous products. (e.g. a screw can be used in a chair, bar stool etc.). Using all the provided information create relational notation for each of the 3 pictures below (e.g. Order ( order _id, xxx, xxx)) showing the 1 st , 2 nd , and 3 rd normal forms of the data design. 1: Order Screen 1NF: 2NF: 3NF: 2: Product Inventory Screen 1NF: 2NF: 3NF: 3: Product Bill-Of-Materials Report 1NF: 2NF: 3NF: SAMPLE REPORTS AND SCREENS ABC MANUFACTURING ORDER FORM                                              DATE: AUG 30, 2002 ORDER # 9932 MR. S.D. KURTZ                                      SHIPPING ADDRESS:       456 NO STREET 123 THAT STREET                                                                         ANYWHERE, CA 12345 ANYWHERE, CA 12345 PHONE: (416) 879-0045    (416) 786-3241              CUSTOMER DISCOUNT:  3% ITEM # PRODUCT CODE DESCRIPTION QTY BACKORDERED FILLED PRICE/UNIT AMOUNT 1          FR223        HALF SIZE REFRIGERATOR          2                  0                 2         750.99   1501.98 2          TB101        PATIO TABLE                            5                  2                 3         150.00    450.00 3          CH089       PATIO CHAIRS                                    20                  0                20              35.00            700.00 TOTAL               2651.98 DISCOUNT AMT       79.56 AMOUNT OWING 2572.42 PRODUCTS INVENTORY AS AT: AUG 30, 2002 PRODUCT CODE DESCRIPTION QTY ON HAND QTY BACKORDERED PRICE CH089               PATIO CHAIRS                       140                         0                    35.00 FR223                HALF SIZE REFRIGERATOR        10                                    0                     750.99 TB101                PATIO TABLE                          0                           2                    35.00 . . ABC MANUFACTURING PRODUCT EXPLOSION REPORT PRODUCT CODE DESCRIPTION PART NUMB. PART DESCRIPTION QTY REQUIRED CH089      PATIO CHAIRS             WOOD223          1 X 2 – 30″ WOOD                     8 SCRW110           1.25″ SCREWS            …

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