This event has happened in June 2014, when an employee of the company had his login credentials stolen as his system was infected with malware The employee tried to login to the corporate network through a VPN, and the hacker was able to obtain access to the internal network of the company. The hacker was able to get pass all the security measures present and gain full control of the network, as he obtained administrator privilege level and soon took over more than 90 servers of the company. To avoid detection by the company, the information was extracted slowly for several months without being noticed. The breach would have gone unnoticed had they not hacked one of the company’s charity sites. The Hold Security, Inc. had discovered billions of usernames and passwords stolen, so they checked their company’s corporate network and found that they too had been breached. Hold Security, Inc. had discovered the hack in time so that the damage done could be minimized. But the hackers had already stolen usernames, passwords, contact information 76 million individuals and 7 million small businesses. With the amount of data that had been stolen from J.P.Morgan could face future breaches as their vulnerabilities are very large.

Base on this information and what we have learn so far, what would be your recommendation to prevent and detect future hacking attempts to the system ? Write one paragraph for this answer.

Please include a cover page and submit by due date October 1, 2019 9:00pm

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