QUESTION 2 The key factors that will impact your critical thinking and shape your ambitions (Select all that apply) :1.Deliverables2.Resources 3.Consumption 4.Constraints5.People6.Context 1 points QUESTION 3 __________: The visualizer here is attempting to assist with the viewers’ process of understanding as much as possible. 1.Exhibitory 2.Explanatory3.Exponentiation4.Exploratory 1 points QUESTION 4 What circumstances sub category falls under Resources?  (Select all that apply)1.audience 4.quantity 1 points QUESTION 5 Some activities to help harness ideas:  (Select all that apply)1.Research and inspiration2.Sketching 3.Keywords 4.Mental visualization 1 points QUESTION 6 Scenarios where the characteristics differ sufficiently to offer different contextual challenges (Select all that apply) :1.stakeholder intrigue 2.curiosity intrigue 3.potential intrigue 4.anticipated intrigue5.personal intrigue6.audience intrigue 1 points QUESTION 7 What circumstances sub category falls under People?  (Select all that apply)1.rules 2.pressures 3.stakeholders4.audience 1 points QUESTION 8 What circumstances sub category falls under Constraints?  (Select all that apply)1.rules 1 points QUESTION 9 What circumstances sub category falls under Consumption?  (Select all that apply)1.setting 2.stakeholders 3.frequency4.skills 1 points QUESTION 10 What circumstances sub category falls under Deliverables?  (Select all that apply)1.format 2.quantity3.setting4.frequency

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