Cyber warfare and its implications for the United States

Your research paper should be minimally 10 pages (double spaced, Font – Georgia with font size 12). The research paper needs to refer to the following source

  • Kostyuk, N., and Zhukov., M., Y. (2019). Invisible Digital Front: Can Cyber Attacks Shape Battlefield Events? Journal of Conflict Resolution, 63(2)., 317-347. (pfd version of paper is uploaded to module 4 in d2l).
  • In addition you need to have at least 5 peer reviewed journal/book references
  • The relevance of cyber warfare for the United States
  • What are some examples of possible cyber warfare scenarios where critical infrastructure could be affected
  • Emerging technologies that can be used for cyber warfare
  • What does Kostyuk and Zhukov (2019) address mainly in their paper? Do you agree with Kostyuk and Zhukov (2019) that cyber-attacks are ineffective as a tool of coercion in war. Ensure to explain why or why not.
  • Future implications of cyber warfare for the United States

The research needs to minimally discuss the following

The bibliography should be included as a separate page and is not part of the 10 page requirement.

The research paper should include the following components.

  • Title Page (Not part of the minimum 10 page requirement)
  • Abstract (quick overview in your own words of the entire content of your paper, limited to 200-350 words)
  • Introduction (1-2 pages, relevance of cyber warfare for the U.S, example, possible scenarios_
  • Literature Review (2-4 pages, describes the research papers that you find in reference to the topic of cyber warfare, emerging technologies that can be used, the impact of cyber warfare)
  • Discussion (2-3 pages) – (Your perspective on the topic of cyber warfare, implications for the U.S, critical perspectives and/or recommendations)
  • Conclusion(1-2 paragraphs, This provides a final summary of your research paper)
  • Bibliography in APA format
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