The following post is another student post to wish i have to reply. Please Make sure to add other information related to what the student posted. APA style 2 references and less than 20 % similarity. Question 1 Transcultural nursing is based on the work of Dr. Madeleine M. Leininger who in the 1950s noted differences between nurses and patients when working with emotionally disturbed children. Based on this clinical experience, she studied cultural differences in perceptions of care and earned a doctorate in 1965 (Andres & Bolye, 2016). Based on this study, Leininger realized that anthropology contributed to nursing by helping with the realization that culture strongly influenced illness states. With the need to develop, test and organize the emerging body of knowledge on transcultural nursing, it became necessary to create a specific framework for the emergence of various theoretical states. The Leininger’s Sunrise model, which shows three major nursing modalities, was the first guide nursing judgment that considers culturally appropriate and congruent care. The Leininger’s Sunrise Enabler for theory of culture care diversity and university is the earliest model for cultural care. Moreover, to foster excellence in transcultural nursing practice, eight standards that give criteria for evaluating transcultural nursing and tools for teaching and learning were developed (Del Grosso, 2019). The eight cultural nursing standards are accompanied process and outcome criteria and a rationale. Another vital component in the history and theoretical foundations of transcultural nursing was the development of a logo with the message, ‘Many Cultures One world.’ With the logo, nurses were challenged to function in transcultural environments (Del Grosso, 2019). Every person in the world would be met through the new mantra. Question 2 With the ever-increasing multicultural environment in most parts of the world, transcultural nursing continues to become an essential part of healthcare. The world is continuously becoming a global village which requires nurses to appreciate the differences in cultural values, beliefs and customs of their patients. Nurses are required to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge than ensure they provide culturally competent care. The ability to comprehend cultural diversity and use this understanding in delivery of care promotes the quality of outcomes. Transcultural nursing helps ensure positive patient care outcomes and satisfaction of healthcare clients. According to Edwards (2019), transcultural perspectives are vital in shaping patient’s beliefs about their own health and the healthcare system. As the representative of the healthcare system, the nurse is vested with the responsibility of providing the best care for patients. By taking into considerations the cultural backgrounds of the patients, the nurse is able to provide tailor-made patient care that ensure the satisfaction of individual patients and overall quality of health. In the ever increasingly dynamic world, transcultural nursing ensures that nurses give the best care and increases the quality and outcomes. Transcultural nursing considers the sensitivity, concerns and risk factors of a variety of cultures (Edwards, 2019). It hence ensure that the nurse understands and overcome potential barriers in delivering care. Having an understanding of the needs and requirements of a patient creates a positive attitude towards a healthcare system and promotes quick recovery. Question 3 Dr. Madeleine Leininger is credited as the developer of the transcultural nursing concept. She developed the cultural care theory that promotes the provision of culturally congruent nursing care. Based on the theory, culturally congruent nursing care is based on cognitively based assistance, supportive, and tailor-made to meet the needs of individuals or groups based on their lifeways and cultural values and beliefs (Andres & Bolye, 2016). The care under Leininge…

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