Please provide a comment on the following questions, doesn’t have to be long just enough that it proves the point… the following ppts might help

1. The horizontally expansive ranch is a common house form in the United States and Canada. Can you think of why this style of house might be popular in these nations? What does it tell us about the values that contribute to this as a popular element of the cultural landscape?

2. Why might a rural region transform a portion of its area into a leisure landscape? What kind of impact could this have on the region? Give an example of this that is not provided by the course materials.

3. Some countries have populations with unusually large numbers of elderly people; others have preponderantly young populations. What issues might be associated with either situation? What do the different schools of thought or theories of population growth discussed in ch 3 have to say about both of these situations?

4. How does geography inform the vocabulary of a given language? Provide examples of the kinds of vocabulary results from particular physical habitats.

5. How do race and ethnicity differ as terms for categorization? How are they both social constructed and how do those constructions change over time?

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