CSIT 105 Exam 1 1) Being ________ means being familiar enough with computers that you understand their capabilities and limitations. (1 point) technology literate computer competent computer savvy computer literate 2) Unwanted or junk e-mail is called ________. (1 point) spam spyware adware software 3) The process of searching huge amounts of data with the hope of finding a pattern is called ________. (1 point) data retrieval data searching data mining data warehousing 4) The technology called QR codes stands for ________. (1 point) quiet reader quick response quiet response quick reaction 5) One potential application of ________ is to provide sight to the blind. (1 point) VeriChips biomedical chip implants RFID tags patient simulators 6) Which of the following is an example of data mining? (1 point) An Excel spreadsheet listing all employees and their annual salaries in a random order A printout of all sales taken from the register at the end of the day Raw data from questionnaires given at the mall Amazon providing you with a list of books you might enjoy 7) The difference between people with access to computers and the Internet and those without this access is known as the ________. (1 point) digital divide Web divide Internet divide broadband divide 8) Which of the following software can best be used to help create digital art? (1 point) Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Adobe Illustrator Adobe Acrobat 9) ________ is the gathering together of groups of people using online tools to connect and exchange ideas. (1 point) Affective computing Collaborative consumption Information technology Social networking 10) The crisis-mapping tool ________ can collect information to make instantly and publicly available for use in emergencies. (1 point) The Witness Project data mining Marahabaa Ushahidi 11) Analyzing computer systems to gather potential legal evidence is ________. (1 point) computer detectives forensics detectives computer forensics computer enforcement 12) Joining together as a group to use a specific product more efficiently is called ________. (1 point) creative surplus collaborative consumption social networking affective computing 13) Affective computing is ________. (1 point) being able to recognize human fingerprints speaking human language computing that relates to emotions performing calculations faster than humans 14) What’s the best type of computer for a sales rep who travels extensively and often needs to take notes and show product spec pages to clients in their offices, but has no need for high-performance graphics?(1 point) All-In-One PC Tablet PC PC Notebook 15) Which of the following is the best reason why somebody might choose a Mac Book Pro? (1 point) Needs a portable system with Internet access. Needs access to a portable system that can be used to present PowerPoint Presentations. Needs a portable system with high-performance graphical capabilities. 16) Which of the following is not a computer peripheral? (1 point) Printer Motherboard Keyboard and mouse 17) Which of the following is your computer’s main memory that holds programs, data, and instructions currently in use for quick access by the processor? (1 point) RAM USB Flash ROM 18) Computers use the ________ language consisting of 0s and 1s. (1 point) symbol system binary byte 19) Which of the following is the largest unit of measure for the size of a computer file? (1 point) Petabyte Megabyte Gigabyte Terabyte 20) Any part of the computer that you can touch is called ________. (1 point) software hardware operating system input 21) The term “bit” is short for ________. (1 point) megabyte binary digit binary number binary language 22) What type of computer is the Apple iPad?(1 point) Netbook Tablet computer Notebook Tablet PC 23) The ________ contains the central electronic components of the computer. (1 point) system unit peripheral unit input unit motherboard 24) In binary language, each letter of the alphabet, each number, and each spe…

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