I. CREATE the following 2 tables – a. Create the players Table using Right Click – New Table b. Create the coaches Table using a CREATE Table Statement USE the following Statements to enter 1 record into the Players & Coaches Table c. INSERT INTO dbo.Players VALUES 1,’Running Back’,22,’1/1/2012′ INSERT INTO dbo.Coaches VALUES 1,’John Starks’,’Running Back Coach’,’1/1/2012′ d.  INSERT 10 More Records into each table and answer the following Questions. If your confused on what type of data to insert, just make it up and adjust them to the SQL Statements you will produce below. II. Retrieve All Players with Jersey numbers in the 20’s III. Retrieve All Coaches with CoachID less than 5 IV. Retrieve All players who joined the team this year. V. Retrieve All coaches who joined the team last year. VI. Retrieve All players with PlayerID greater than 5 VII. Retrieve All running backs VIII. Retrieve All Quarter Back Coaches e. Create a player backup table (player_backup) using the SELECT INTO statement f. Create a coach backup table (coach_backup) using the SELECT INTO statement

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