HTML Exercise

Create 3 web pages called: index.html, menu.html, and location.html.

Each page should have the proper HTML Page Structure as described in the week 1 readings.
Each page should have a heading size 1 that reads “The Fresh Cafe”.
Each page should have these navigation links: Home (link to index.html) Menu (link to menu.html) Location (link to location.html).
Each page should have a specific content as described below.
Each page should include a footer containing a copyright statement in small, italic text. It should read “Copyright © 2015 The Fresh Cafe”. (The © makes the copyright symbol). Below this, include a mailto link to your email address.

Page Specific Content:
Content for the index.html page should include the following:
A heading size 2 that reads: “Welcome to the Fresh Cafe”.
An unordered html list that includes these items:
Fresh, Healthy Cuisine
Friendly Service
Open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
An address as follows:
123 Elm Street
Appleton, CA

Content for the menu page menu page should include a heading size 2 that reads “Our Menu” followed by a HTML definition list with at least 5 menu items.

Content for the location page should include a heading size 2 that reads “Directions” followed by a paragraph describing how to find the cafe.

Your pages should validate without errors using the w3c HTML validator at How to do this:
Publish your pages to Nova. Go to the w3c validator and paste in the URL to your index.html page. Click the Check button. If there are errors, fix them. If there are no errors, copy the URL of the results page and place a link to that at the bottom of the web page. Repeat for your menu.html and location.html pages.

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