This question need to answer in two or three sentences. Thnx.

1. What are the most commonly observed factors that determine the extent of a child’s influence on his or her parents’ purchasing decisions?

2. When Toyota and Nissan introduced expensive new models to the marketplace, what strategy did they use to link their cars with other prestigious brands? On what perceptual model did they base their decision?

3. When designing promotional materials for personal-care products such as deodorant soap and antiperspirants, which personality theory are marketers most likely to draw on and why?

4. What factor distinguishes the multi-step model of personal influence from the two-step model?

5. How do Burger Kings’ “Have it your way” jingle, the word association “1-800-M-A-T-T-R-E-S,” and the Michelin Tire Man benefit their respective firms?

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