Assignment Instructions

For this Assignment, you will submit a document demonstrating that you understand the process of installing Windows 10 in a virtualized environment and you understand how to configure several options.

Before beginning the Assignment:

  • Use your favorite search engine (e.g., Google) to answer the questions and complete the assignment.
  • Write a brief caption identifying each screenshot and identify all questions.
  • Label each screenshot.

Describe the process of installing and configuring the Windows 10 desktop operating system; include information about the iso file.

  1. Take two different screenshots of the Windows Setup screens, and one screenshot for the Windows 10 Startup window.
  2. Explain the variance of memory needed before installation of a virtual machine and after the installation process.
  3. Explain the process of creating the password reset disk.
  4. Take screenshots of the Welcome to the Forgotten Password Wizard dialog and completing the Forgotten Password Wizard dialog.
  5. Take a screenshot showing the path of the password reset disk and the usekey.psw file. Explain the steps that you need to take to regain access to your account if you forget your password.
  6. Explain the process of adding a picture password by following the instructions in Chapter 9 of your ebook: “Creating a Picture Password.” Take screenshots of the “Create a picture password” dialog. Include the screenshot in the Word document.
  7. Describe the process of creating an account for a new user. Take a screen capture of the changes showing the administrator and the new user. Write a brief description of two different types of user accounts.
  8. Describe how updates get installed. Take a screenshot showing the installation screen “Update and Security.” Check for updates and choose to download and install them. Take a screenshot showing the updates.
  9. Click on a Start screen tile. Take a screenshot of the tiles showing the commands (applications) related to each tile. Briefly describe the function of one tile.
  10. Search for the Device and Printers and take a screenshot. Double-click on one device and take a screenshot of the Properties. See pp. 646–647 in your text. Note: depending on your browser, the page numbers may be slightly different.

Assignment Requirements

Here are the paper requirements:

  1. Include a cover page.
  2. Include a separate page with the title “References” as the last page in the Word document.
  3. Include the screenshots in the body of the paper.
  4. Use Font Times New Roman or Arial 12 pt. Double spacing is required.
  5. Include any sources you used for your research.

The paper is due by the end of the unit.

In your paper you must demonstrate knowledge of this week’s topic(s). Your goal is to demonstrate to your professor that you understand this material.

The paper must be written in your own words. APA style formatting, a cover page, and a reference page are required. Cite all references used and include them on the reference page.

How to reference a website in APA style

Structure: Last Name, F. (Year Published). Article title. Retrieved from URL

Example: Young, A. (2015). More on operating systems. Retrieved from

How to cite a source in APA style

Structure: (Last Name, Year Published).

Example: (Young, 2015).

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