Read Confessions of a Liberal Gun Owner, 4 questions answered, 7 sentences each, critical thinking

1) This essay could with equal accuracy be called “Confessions of a Texas Gun Owner.” Why do you suppose Cronin chose the title hr did, rather than our imagined title? That is, why is his title better, better for his purposes, than our invented title?

2) How would you characterize Cronin’s persona as he presents it in this essay? Does he try to speak with authority, connect with his audience on a personal level, or employ another strategy to gain his reader’s trust? Do you feel that his persona effectively connects with you as a reader? Why or why not?

3) In paragraph 13 Cronin says that he believes “guns are woefully under regulated,” and that he loathe[s] the National Rifle Association,” but he doesn’t go into any detail about what sorts of regulations he favors. Do you think his essay might have been more convincing if he had given us details along these lines? Explain.

4) Each of Cronin’s last three paragraphs is very short. We have discussed how, in general, a short paragraph is usually an underdeveloped paragraph. Do you think these paragraphs are underdeveloped or do you think Cronin knows exactly what he is doing? Explain.

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