Questions 1, 5, 6, 7, 25. 1. What are the four steps CPUs use to execute instructions? 5. Give the java statement that produced the following IJVM code: ILOAD i DUP IADD ILOAD k DUP IADD ISUB BIPUSH5 IADD ISTORE j 6. In the text we mentioned that when translating the statement if (Z) goto L1; else goto L2 to binary, L2 has to be in the bottom 256 words of the control store. Would it not be equally possible to have L1 at, say, 0 x 40 and L2 at 0 x 140? Explain your answer. 7. In the microprogram for Mic-1, in if icmpeg3, MDR is copied to H. A few lines later it is ubtracted from TOD to check for equality. Surely it is better to have one statement: if cmpeq3 Z=TOS – MDR; rd Why is this not done? 25. In the first draft of this book, Fig. 4-39 showed a three-way associative cache instead of a four-way associative cache. One of the reviewers threw a temper tantrum, claiming that student would be horribly confused by this because 3 is not a power of 2 and computers do everything in binary. Since the customer is always right, the figure was changed to a four-way associative cache. Was the reviewer right? Discuss your answer.

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